The PLIQO bag is a very desirable product, cleverly designed, looks great, and with nice attention to detail. It’s an aspirational but also affordable purchase, with a lot of gifting potential.

CG, Film critic, London

I’m a biotech venture capitalist based in Boston, and on the road for at least 100 days in the year. I’ve tried out several PLIQO bags during 2015 on long-term tests. It’s a brilliant idea – it really works! Even the prototypes evidence great design, and are nicely made. They have changed the way I travel for good.

SG, Boston, Venture Capital

I run the trading book for a small trading company. Client visits take me abroad at least 12 times a year, and I have tested several PLIQO prototypes on recent trips. What has particularly impressed is that the designer has discussed the PLIQO’s features and performance with me after each of my trips. And he has listened – making improvements to the design based on my input. I think it’s now an excellent product.

CZ, London, London Trading Company

I’m a writer, broadcaster and trainer who travels internationally up to a dozen times a year, speaking at conferences and workshops. As the founding Managing Editor of UK Wired, I am also always on the look out for innovative solutions to everyday problems. Having used PLIQO prototypes on recent trips to Brazil and the US, I can confirm that the bags completely live up to their billing as the most compact and effective garment bags around.

DB, London, Writer and Broadcaster

I’m an investment banker based in New York. As a very frequent traveller, I’m always on the look out for new products that make the travel experience less stressful. The PLIQO certainly meets this criterion – making it an indispensible addition to any frequent flyer’s collection of travel bags.

ND, New York, New York Investment Bank

I’m a director in the marine insurance sector. At policy renewal time, I can be visiting three or four European cities in as many days. At first I was sceptical that a bag so small could perform so effectively – and was pleasantly surprised by how well it stored my suit despite fairly heavy use. On short journeys, I often travel with a modest sized briefcase – and even this wasn’t too small to accommodate a fully packed PLIQO suit bag.

SM, London, Marine Insurance

I run a research group at a large US commercial and investment bank. Based in London, I travel frequently, to the US, Asia and continental Europe. When I travel, I will often spend less than a day in each city. When I’m on the move, I like to able to change between my suit and more comfortable casual wear at short notice. With a PLIQO bag, you can quickly and easily remove the trousers and hang the jacket and bag on a hook. This means you can use it to change in even the most confined spaces – which I find is a real plus.

RP, London, Investment Bank

I work in the finance industry and travel regularly for conferences and meetings. I have tested some PLIQO prototypes and found them better than any other suit carrier. I’m also a cycle commuter, and I’m looking forward to a version of the PLIQO designed specifically to work with a cycle backpack.

DG, London, Finance

I’m Global Head of Product and Distribution Services at a large asset manager based in London. I was the first business traveller to test a PLIQO bag, early in 2015, and have used several different version on subsequent trips. I am quite particular about my luggage, and have invested over the years in some decent bags. So I particularly like the fact that the PLIQO fits into whatever carry-on luggage I am planning to travel with.

JB, London, Major London Asset Manager


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