First of all, I hope you and your families are well at this challenging time for many of us.

Second, thanks for your tremendous support for the PLIQO bag project over the years – it has really been appreciated.

In these tense times, some exciting news for us: the PLIQO bag and company founder Patrick Tatham will be featuring on the UK´s premier business funding TV show – Dragon’s Den.

Now in its 17th season, the BBC’s Dragon’s Den pits fledgling entrepreneurs against some of the country’s shrewdest business angels, for a chance to win investment and mentoring to develop their ideas.

The UK format has a well-known US cousin – ‘Shark Tank’.

The program airs on Sunday 22nd March at 21:00 GMT and again at 23:15 GMT on Wednesday 25th March.

While BBC regulations don’t allow ‘spoilers’ that reveal the outcome of the pitch, we can say it was not completely ‘typical’.

Should you be free next Sunday evening, we hope you may have time to tune in to watch – and more, to enjoy!

Very best wishes, and stay safe.