FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

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Can I see the PLIQO range before deciding whether to make a purchase?2017-01-19T09:10:05+00:00

We are working with a number of retailers, initially in the UK, to stock the PLIQO range. For current stockists, please use this link

What can I do if my suit / formal wear is getting creased while travelling?2017-02-13T21:41:39+00:00

First, arrange your suit carefully in the open bag before you begin folding it closed. Ensure the jacket is packed as flat as possible, and is buttoned up. Then smooth out any obvious creases, particularly around the shoulders. In the event that your formal wear emerges slightly creased at the end of the journey, try hanging the jacket and trousers vertically on a conventional clothes rail for half-an-hour. Many frequent travellers also suggest ‘steaming’ a creased suit close to a very hot shower.

What if the hangers break?2017-02-20T16:02:56+00:00

Both folding hangers are made of very high quality ABS, and aluminium in the case of the hanger hook. They are designed to last for many years in normal use. In the event of breakage, replacement hangers are available at cost price from this website through the Accessories section (click here).

What if I forget how to use my PLIQO?2017-01-19T09:18:06+00:00

In addition to referring to this website, you can use your smartphone and a QR code supplied with the bag to easily access user instructions. Road testing has suggested that most users get the hang of using the bag after just one trip.

How long can I leave my suit in a PLIQO?2017-01-19T09:19:43+00:00

After comprehensive road testing, the design has been found to be effective for at least 24 hours considerably longer than any currently possible single-leg long-haul flight.

Do the bags come with a warranty?2017-01-19T09:20:52+00:00

All bags come with a one-year guarantee covering normal use. Wear-and-tear and damage through misuse are excluded.

What about my shoes?2017-02-20T16:04:25+00:00

PLIQO bags are not designed for carrying shoes. A complementary, compact, one-size-fits-all shoe bag is available as an accessory for packing in your main luggage (use this link for more details).

How are PLIQO bags so much smaller than other garment bags?2017-02-20T16:05:23+00:00

The PLIQO bag’s compact size is possible because it folds in two dimensions. Conventional garment bags fold in one dimension, horizontally across the jacket and trousers. PLIQO bags fold twice horizontally across the garments, and once vertically along the spine of the jacket. For more information on how PLIQO bags work, please click here.

Do PLIQO bags offer complete protection for my formal wear?2017-01-19T09:31:40+00:00

Comprehensive road-testing demonstrates that PLIQO bags are highly effective. However, the extent of any creasing to garments is determined mainly by the type of material used to make your suit or formalwear. Some fabrics are better than others at tolerating prolonged folding. It’s also important to pack your suit and other garments with care for maximum effectiveness.

Are PLIQO bags size-compliant with all airlines carry on requirements?2017-05-22T15:09:29+00:00

There is no single standard across all airlines, and all classes of travel. In general, the maximum size for carry on luggage is often 54 cm x 45 cm x 25 cm (21 inches x 18 inches x 10 inches). All PLIQO bags will fit very comfortably in a bag of this size and indeed, many smaller bags. For more information on airlines’ current carry-on guidelines, use this link.


Can I use my PLIQO bag as a second carry on bag?2017-01-19T09:33:49+00:00

Some airlines allow passengers particularly in business class to carry a second bag into the cabin. These are often referred to as ‘handbags’ or ‘laptop bags’. Again, there is no definitive size limit however, several European airlines suggest a maximum of 40 cm x 30 cm x 15 cm (16 inches x 12 inches x 6 inches). All PLIQO bags comply with this limit when normally packed.

Do I need to buy special luggage or bags to use with the PLIQO range?2017-01-18T22:05:27+00:00

Absolutely not. The beauty of our PLIQO bag is that they fit in almost all carry on luggage and a wide variety of other bags including many backpacks, cycle and motorbike panniers, and messenger bags. As a result, you can use a PLIQO with all your existing luggage and bags.

What about other articles of clothing, laptops and so on?2017-02-20T16:07:24+00:00

PLIQO bags have been developed to solve a single problem how to travel effectively with a suit and formalwear without actually having to wear it on your journey. However, all PLIQO bags have a large internal pocket which is suitable for a folded shirt or a 33cm (13 inch) laptop. There are also two additional internal pockets for small items such as underwear, ties, handkerchiefs and cufflinks. It is possible to use our Carry On bag as a complete ‘mini wardrobe’. Adding to the number of items in the bag can result in creasing to more sensitive articles of clothing shirts and jackets in particular.

The Protégé Bag with contents laid out.

The PLIQO Bag and Shoe-in bag with an example of all the items they can accommodate.