At PLIQO, we believe in changing business travel for good.

Our signature folding garment bags are designed to solve one problem – but to solve it exceptionally well: how to travel with your suit or formalwear as comfortably and conveniently as possible.

We think our products are exceptional – and the smartest folding garment bags in the world.


Quite simply the most compact garment bags on the market.

They will comfortably fit in all carry on luggage – and many other types of bag.


Large internal dimensions, a unique folding hanger, and a tough outer shell, keeps suits virtually crease-free – even on the longest of journeys.

PLIQO Pack-in folding garment bag


Simple to use, and easy to integrate with your existing luggage.

PLIQO Carry-on Orange


Beautifully designed and made using the highest quality materials.

Our Range

PLIQO Carry-On

Front View PLIQO Carry-On Orange Lining

A contemporary design finished in tough, stylish abrasion-resistant nylon and leather trim. Small enough to fit in almost all carry-on luggage – and a bag in its own right: with three external pockets, carry handle and shoulder strap. Ideal for both business and leisure travellers with ‘suit on board’.


Front View PLIQO Pack-in Orange Lining

A simple and sleek design for the thoughtful traveller, constructed from high grade manmade materials. Fits into even the most compact of carry-on luggage and into many briefcases and computer bags.


I want to say that I personally feel proud. Because this is what Kickstarter was always all about. There are so many scammish products or people actually just only launching on Kickstarter to get some hype and cash. But enough of that. YOU have taken us through the creative process. You have taken the energy from Kickstarter and kept at it. Not only did you invent a fantastic product. You let us join in. Hats off sir. VERY WELL done. And I wish your endeavour the greatest success. 


JB, Sweden

I tried the PLIQO and was really pleased that the clothes were not too creased in comparison to other solutions. I really appreciated the extra pocket for books and wallet very useful. Definitely one of the best kit for either business meeting abroad or formal birthday parties/weddings. Good work. And did not need the sticker on the foldable hanger after all. Brilliant!

DC, Munich Germany

The feedback, as promised is that I am absolutely loving the carry on. It has been quite literally a game-changer for my frequent 1 or 2 night trips where I often need a spare suit. I’m a big guy (6’5”) so it is incredible how small a suit of mine packs down. I don’t really have any negative points and believe me I’ve looked for them. In short, well done. For once a great piece of travel kit which has already found admirers amongst my clients. I’ve handed your website on to about 5 or 6 so far.

RE, Madrid Spain

The PLIQO bag is a great product, speaking as someone who has backed a few start up campaigns. More often than not, what you get is pretty mediocre, but the PLIQO is a game changer. I got it for my husband who would definitely be classed a frequent traveller, and it has hugely benefited him in transporting suits without the bulk of traditional suit carriers. PLIQO may be “niche”, but it is a wonderful, well-thought out piece of design that liberates so much space in a suitcase.

JM, Ireland

Got my PLIQO bag and the shoe bag today! The design and quality of the PLIQO bag is WONDERFUL. I can see you have put lots of effort in re-designing a carry bag for suit in a compact and stylish way. Thanks for bring this one-of-a-kind bag to the world! It is extremely compact, yet it holds my suit very well. I am really proud to be a backer of this project. It worth its price (and the long waiting time)! Hope you will bring more revolutionary travel gears in the future, and I will be happy to be your backer again!

FL, Hong Kong

I absolutely adore the bag and I have been amazed at the difference it makes. My wife – who is a total cynic about ‘all things Kickstarter’ and their ilk, was quietly impressed too. (I know because she was completely silent as she watched me pack my suit, socks, underwear and a few bits for a journey and ended up with a bag about 20% the size of hers!)

SB, Farnham UK

Just received your excellent update from Kickstarter, which reminded me I’d been meaning to email you my feedback on the bag for a while now ☺ I took it around a month trip of hot and muggy monsoon-season Southeast Asia, and not having to wear a suit whilst in transit is truly a blessing. The bag kept my suit nice and tidy, wrinkle free, through thick and thin, harsh conditions, and many a hasty packing. The build quality of the bag is incredible, and it really does deserve to be in the same retail outlets as Tumi and similar brands! Absolutely terrific product, congratulations!

MvR, Cambodia

I just wanted to say my PLIQO bag is one of my all time favorite travel bags. GREAT JOB. It’s neat, it’s organized and it radiates QUALITY. It is a well thought-out bag that is always with me when I travel with suits, or anything else actually. I once used it as a 3 day travel bag with nothing else. It was the weirdest sensation, going through the airport with nothing but a compact and stylish bag on my shoulder. Ultimate Minimalist traveling!

CO, Copenhagen Denmark

I purchased my initial PLIQO bag through Kickstarter, and it’s been a staple in my travels for the last year.  It’s a great product, and often my suit unpacks without wrinkles or with the need for just a slight steam-out. I like it so much that I thought it would make a great Holiday gift for one of my business partners. I appreciate that your company makes such a quality product and it remains one of the best Kickstarter programs I’ve participated in.

HL, Hawaii USA