At PLIQO, we’re getting ready for a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign, which will launch on 10th May, forging ahead with the photography.

Plenty to do between now and then!

One of the most exciting parts of creating the campaign is the visual content – not just getting the all important video right, but also the still images.

Here I’ve been helped by a couple of excellent London-based photographers – Charlie Surbey and Gonçalo Diniz.

You can check out their work on Instagram here:



Working with these two is a completely new experience for amateurs like me. Professional product photography is a world away from lining up a snap on your smartphone.

Charlie at work in the studio preparing the PLIQO bag for shooting.
The PLIQO Bag viewed from a top diagonal angle in a studio setting.

Charlie and his work.

What surprised me most was the patience required, and the attention to detail. Putting together a portfolio of a dozen pictures takes around half-a-day. Almost all of that time is spent on two things.

First, getting the lighting right at the start, so that the product is lit consistently throughout the shoot. Second, preparing – or technically ‘dressing’ I guess – the product is as perfect as possible at the moment in time.

This careful preparation means that the photographer isn’t taking dozens of slightly different shots of the same thing. One ‘perfect’ shot is chosen on the spot – also reducing time consuming (and potentially expensive) digital post-production on Photoshop.

Here are my snaps of the guys at work. And a couple of examples of their excellent pictures of the PLIQO folding garment bag.

Hope you like.


Gonçalo Diniz in the studio taking a shot of the PLIQO folding hanger.
The PLIQO folding Hanger viewed from the side over a white background.

Gonçalo and his work.