Hi everyone, some exciting news, the PLIQO bag KickStarter campaign launches today and team PLIQO is ready – and a little excited.

Please do have a look at our campaign page, and feel free to pledge – there are exciting rewards at every level – in particular an early-bird offer running for the next three days.

Here’s the project link: The PLIQO bag Kickstarter campaign

In fact, we soft-launched the campaign on Sunday 7 th May at lunchtime. We thought this would be a quiet time, and without direct promotion, that pledges would build slowly. You can imagine our surprise that today, about 50 hours into our campaign, we are already 50% funded. We have to hope that we will close in on our target well before the campaign closes its doors on 9 th June.

In other exciting news, we’ve just received a fourth – and we believe final – sample of the suit bag from our factory in the Far East. It’s looking really great. See pictures attached – and thanks to our colleague Ravi for modelling.

The moment we close our campaign on June 9th, we’ll be going live with the first factory order.

And if you’ve any questions before then, we’d love to hear from you – please get in contact: patrick@pliqobag.com

Very best wishes,

Patrick and everyone at team PLIQO

Gonçalo Diniz in the studio taking a shot of the PLIQO folding hanger.The PLIQO folding Hanger viewed from the side over a white background.The PLIQO folding Hanger viewed from the side over a white background.