Hi everyone,

I hope your days have started well? Sorry to follow yesterdays’ update so quickly – I don’t want to be spammy. However, Kickstarter probably already told you that the campaign is funded.

This has been achieved in under five days – a tremendous tribute to your early support.

I can’t thank you all enough.

This next paragraph is a bit folksy – apologies.

I was feeling stressed this morning, wondering whether it might be possible to cross the line before the weekend – a target I really wanted to meet. I decided to take a break, and booked a coffee with some local friends of the PLIQO bag project. Checking Kickstarter’s mobile app over our drinks, we realised we were just a few hundred pounds – or dollars – from funding the campaign.

Ever so kindly, my pals pulled out their phones, upped their pledges, and we nailed it at 9.18 am!

Too early for champagne, but team PLIQO will be celebrating tonight!

What next? We’ll be taking the weekend off – and on Mondaywe’ll re-energize the campaign with the aim of hitting our first stretch goal – a PLIQO bag engineered specifically for women’s garments.

If you want to stay involved, please feel free to push out a message to female friends, family and colleagues who might like to get on board with the PLIQO bag campaign.

A final apology – this has mainly been about me.

But it’s only thanks to your phenomenal support that this has been possible. As they say in Kickstarter-land – you are ‘awesome’!

Final thanks again from everyone at team PLIQO. Happy Fridays, and peaceful weekends!


Patrick and everyone at team PLIQO

Gonçalo Diniz in the studio taking a shot of the PLIQO folding hanger.
The PLIQO folding Hanger viewed from the side over a white background.