Hi everyone, and thanks again for your generous pledges, and for staying with the campaign this far.

And apologies to the many of you who found yourselves confused by the reward levels, in particular the introduction of the new ‘PACK IN’ reward for three days only.

You can go your own way

As the PACK IN variety of the PLIQO bag is proving so popular, I am reinstating the reward at the early bird price (£100) – and introducing two new reward levels for backers who want to buy both bags in combination.

Here is a summary of how the reward tiers will look for the last few days of the campaign:

PLIQO Kickstarter Rewards explained

We are family

Also on the subject of the PLIQO bag range, here is a side-by-side summary of the bags we are planning to bring to market over the next six months:

I hope this helps to clarify where we stand – and apologies again for any confusion I may have caused!

PLIQO Kickstarter Bag Features

I hope this helps to clarify where we stand – and apologies again for any confusion I may have caused!

If you have more questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us here in London!

Patrick and everyone at team PLIQO

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