Good morning everyone from warm and sunny London.

A quick update on an important component (literally) of our project: our injection-moulded hangers.

The PLIQO Hanger set

The PLIQO Hanger set

Our PLIQO bag contains two hangers: one for trousers/pants, and the second folding hanger for jackets and other formalwear. Borrowing from the language of the aerospace industry, you could call this our ‘variable geometry’ hanger.

Excitingly, we are about to give our factory the go ahead to start a production run. Thanks to the unexpected success of the campaign (and thank you again, all backers!) we will be going with an initial order of 2,500 units, rather than the 1,000 we had originally envisaged.

At the same time, our field testers have shared some important feedback: the way the garment hanger folds in the bag needs more explanation for first time users.

PLIQO Hanger Icon on the inside of the bag

PLIQO Hanger Icon on the inside of the bag

In short, and to be frank, folding the garment hanger the wrong way breaks its hinges, leaving it unusable. And we don’t want that, obviously!

At team PLIQO, we don’t intend changing the design of the hanger at this stage.

However, based on this important user feedback, we will be thinking about how to improve the UX (user experience) to ensure it is crystal clear how the folding hanger fits into the PLIQO folding garment bag when in use.

More news soon – and in the meantime, thanks again for supporting the PLIQO bag.

Very best wishes, and kind regards from all at team PLIQO.