Hi readers and fans of the PLIQO bag.

Good News in WIRED UK Magazine

Just a month ago, I posted an update because we had the great honour of featuring in the UK’s prestigious Financial Times ‘How to spend it’ supplement.
Now I am not going to post every time our PLIQO bags feature in the press, but I was thrilled when the PLIQO bag was then included in WIRED UK magazine’s ‘Gear of the year’ section.

To sum up, the bag has now had positive reviews in two of the country’s most prestigious luxury- and gadget-focused magazines respectively.

The two articles look particularly impressive laid out side-by-side, courtesy of our wonderful content manager and webmaster Gonçalo.

To those of you who are already customers, thank you for your early confidence in our products. And for those of you who are still browsing: what are you waiting for?

Very best wishes,

Patrick and Team PLIQO


WIRED UK Magazine review of the PLIQO Bag

WIRED UK Magazine review of the PLIQO Bag