Wishing you all a belated happy new year!

An important product update.

We launched our PLIQO garment bags with a crowdfunding campaign in the summer of 2017. These bags featured version 1 of our unique folding garment hanger – the trick to producing a suit carrier so compact it fits in all cabin-compliant bags and cases. Our original hanger was good – but a little sensitive sometimes, especially when inadvertently folded the wrong way.

Lots of you told us about this problem – and we thank all of you for your feedback.

We have listened. And gone back to the drawing board with our expert design partners here in London. We focused in particular on the mechanism at the lower double hinge.

We are delighted that we have now a solution to hand – Folding Garment Hanger 2.0. A folding hanger that ‘swings both ways’. Well, to be exact: it folds closed as normal, and if folded the wrong way, will provide extreme resistance, rather than snapping. We think it’s almost unbreakable in normal use.

If you’ve had a mishap you haven’t told us about, revitalise your PLIQO bag by heading here:

And try out a new Folding Garment Hanger for yourself.

Very best wishes for 2019.

Patrick and Team PLIQO